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A&L Biologicals, Agroecology Research Service Center A&L   Biologicals   is   housed   in   a   new   1300   sq   m   state-of-the-art   laboratory   in   which   we   implement   molecular   technologies   for detection   and   diagnosis   of   microorganisms   that   impact   farm   production.   We   employ   a   team   of   professionals   in   the   fields   of   chemistry, molecular   biology,   microbiology,   plant   pathology,   agronomy,   and   environmental   science.   We   understand   the   agricultural   industry   and   can provide   technical   and   timely   guidance   to   help   maximize   each   operation's   output   and   minimize   its   cost   of   inputs.   Our   major   objective   is   to improve   plant   root   health   and   thereby   the   growers'   bottom   line.   We   are   in   the   business   of   improving   soil   and   root   health   with   special emphasis   on   developing   bioindicators   of   beneficial   microorganisms   that   live   in   the   root   zone.   Through   research,   innovation,   technology transfer    and    complete    nutritional    consultations,    we    intend    to    help    growers    increase    crop    yields,    reduce    fertilizer    costs,    improve production    efficiencies,    increase    plant    growth    and    nutrient    uptake,    control    soilborne    pests,    reduce    plant    stress,    optimize    cultivar selection,   detect   and   protect   against   soil-borne   disease,   and   promote   practices   that   benefit   the   environment.   We   have   received   NSERC certification   as   a   research   organization   allowing   us   to   hire   students   and   postdoctoral   fellows   through   funds   provided   by   the   Industrial Program. A   main   focus   will   be   to   provide   growers   and   other   agricultural   sectors   with   rapid   molecular   diagnostics   for   key   pathogens   and pests   that   impact   their   crops   or   production.   Linked   to   this   we   offer   knowledgeable   advice   as   to   prevention   of   plant   disease   issues.   Our aim   is   to   manage   root   health   by   understanding   ecological   factors   that   regulate   plant   pathogen   survival   and   spread   and   that   improve   root and   soil   health.   We   focus   on   technologies   that   are   based   on   ecological   principles   derived   from   scientifically   validated   information.   We intend   to   bring   together   scientists   from   Canada   and   around   the   world   to   develop   biological   indicators   of   soil   health   by   breaking   down   the microbial   ecology   of   roots   and   soils   for   different   crops.   From   this   information,   we   build   plant   disease-suppressive   soil   ecosystems   that result on reduced needs for chemical pesticides, water, and fertilizer. A&L   Biologicals   will   collaborate   with   international   partners   on   world-class   programs   and   research   projects   focused   on   root   and soil   health   -   from   biofertilizers   and   low-risk   pesticides   to   ground-breaking   molecular   diagnostic   tools   of   specific   organisms   and   of   entire agroecosystems. We develop our ideas in our labs, on farms, and in the marketplace. Some   of   our   initiatives   already   in   place   include:   developing   biological   control   agents,   microbial   fertilizers,   seed   inoculants   and organic    soil    amendments    that    promote    soil    and    plant    health;    identifying    soil    microbial    fingerprints    for    evaluating    the    impacts    of agricultural   practices,   climate   change   and   crop   rotations   on   root   and   soil   health;   indentifying   plant   cultivars   that   require   less   fertilizers and   pest-control   products   and   adding   value   to   organic   amendments   derived   from   various   plant,   animal   or   recycling   industries,   converting these   into   fertilizers   and   plant   disease-suppressive   materials.   While   our   focus   is   on   global   soil   health,   our   research   spans   related   issues such as food safety and biofuels. We   intend   to   work   with   companies   to   help   advance   the   use   of   new,   low-risk   disease-control products   in   Canada.   Many   industries   have   products   of   value   to   growers   but   do   not   have   the   resources   to reach   the   right   markets   because   they   may   be   unaware   of   whom   their   customers   are.   We   assist   such companies   by   validating   the   efficacy   of   their   products   and   disperse   information   to   our   grower   clients   as to   how   these   products   may   bring   value   to   their   production.   In   this   way   such   small   companies   will   be   able to access the national and global marketplace. http://www.albiologicals.com
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