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About Us
ALink Computer Solutions Inc.      www.alinkinfo.com Once   you   begin   working   with ALink,   it   becomes   very   evident   that   you   are   working   with   a   full information technology solutions provider. What We Do? ALink   is   a   trusted   technology   services   partner   with   proven   capabilities,   quality   standards,   and   delivery   processes   that guarantee   business   value.      ALink   defines,   designs   and   delivers   technology-enabled   business   solutions   helping   customers manage   and   develop   their   business   more   effectively   and   profitably.      ALink   combines   a   unique   onsite/offshore   delivery   model infused by a distinct culture driven by delivering customer excellence. What we offer? ALink   provides   software   development,   IT   consulting,   solutions   as   well   as   IT   Services   including   Laboratory   Management System   (LIMS),   onsite/offshore   application   development   services,   Cloud   Computing,   Business   Intelligent   System   (BI),   Testing Solutions,   Web   Site   and   Media   services,   Database,   System   Hosting   and   Maintenance   Services,   Enterprise-level   Network Design, implementation and troubleshooting, Video Security System and Voice over IP Systems etc. ALink   helps   businesses   to   achieve   their   objectives   using   the   right   technologies   and   resources.   We   leverage   the   expertise   and past experience in technology to design, develop and implement end-to-end IT solutions.
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