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President’s Message In   a   world   where   agriculture   is   becoming   increasingly   more   competitive   and   complex, market   demand   for   quality   and   precision   has   never   been   greater. That’s   why   at A&L,   we   make   it our   business   to   anticipate   your   testing   needs   to   provide   fast,   accurate   results   that   help   meet the challenges you face in an ever-changing environment. We   are   committed   to   adding   value   to   your   business   with   leading-edge   analyses   that provide   guidelines   to   achieve   the   most   environmentally   sound   and   efficient   use   of   fertilizers   and crop   protection   products. As   well,   we   pride   ourselves   in   being   able   to   offer   you   the   latest   in   agri- business    information    and    trends    through    our    technical    bulletins,    web    site,    and    regularly scheduled seminars featuring key industry leaders. Our   on-going   focus   on   research   and   development   enables   us   to   consistently   strive   to bring   you   innovative   new   tools   and   services,   and   analyses   expansion   into   the   areas   of   microbiology,   food   safety,   bio   assay and complete pest residue and disease diagnostics. Looking   forward,   we   will   continue   to   capitalize   on   the   very   real   growth   opportunities   at   A&L   with   an   approach   aimed   at maximizing economic returns and profit planned yields for you, our customer. Greg Patterson, P.Ag. Certified Crop Advisor President, A&L Canada Laboratories
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