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Soil Stewardship Group    The   Soil   Stewardship   Group   has   been   offering   leading   edge   soil   sampling   and   technical services    to    growers    and    dealerships    across    Canada    for    over    15 years.    With    the    latest    GPS    and    mapping    software    our    staff    can sample    your    field    the    way    you    want,    and    give    you    a    visual representation   of   your   field   that   easy   to   understand   and   can   help   to identify   problem   areas.   GPS   soil   sampling,   incorporated   into   your management    strategy,    has    proven    to    help    growers    save    money    and    improve    crop performance/consistency. SSG   has   a   wide   variety   of   GPS   soil   sampling   packages   to   suit   your   needs.   Whether you   need   a   general   idea   of   field   conditions,   or   a   comprehensive   analysis   of   your   entire   field with a variable rate fertilizer prescription, we have a service for you.  
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