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A&L Biologicals is now the Canadian distributor of Agdia ImmunoStrips®. Grow with Confidence. Agdia is no stranger to understanding how confidence can impact your business. Customers must be confident they are buying quality products; otherwise, they will look for alternatives. In order to ensure customers receive a quality product, the supplier must be confident that they have all the tools necessary to produce it. In the case of crop production, plant disease can have negative impacts on both a grower’s confidence and their reputation. Since 1981, Agdia has been dedicated to helping growers manage plant disease through early and routine diagnosis of plant pathogens. Today, we are the leading provider of plant disease diagnostics in the industry with a comprehensive line of testing products that are used world-wide. We realize you have options when it comes to diagnostic providers. If you want to work with a testing provider that was built and has grown on the principle of confidence, test with Agdia. No matter whom you test with, test early and routinely to help minimize the harmful impacts of plant disease. ImmunoStrips are ideal for field inspection. Easy-to-use format. Anyone can test! Test on-site with results available to you right in the field Results are fast and visible within minutes Test available for more than 24 pathogens  Select and extract sample. Samples can be taken from the leaves or roots of a plant. Then insert your sample between the mesh lining in the buffer filled bag. Grind sample by rubbing the outside of the bag with a blunt object. Insert ImmunoStrip Insert ImmunoStrip into the extraction bag with the green end facing down. The white line on the ImmunoStrip indicates how far the test strip should be inserted into the extract. Keep the bag in an upright position for the duration of the test. Leave strip in the bag for 30 minutes. Interpret results   
How to interpret ImmunoStrips. Our ImmunoStrips contain two types of lines in the test area, a control line and a test line. The control line assures that the test is working properly and should always appear. If the control line does not appear, the test is invalid. A red to purple colored test line will appear below the control line if a sample tests positive. If the sample is negative, only the control line will be visible.