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Food Safety Farm   food   safety   is   one   of   the   most   important   and   pressing   issues   facing   the   agricultural   industry today. Up-to-date   technology   is   required   along   with   thorough   monitoring   to   comply   with   HACCP   (Hazard Analysis   and   Critical   Control   Point)   guidelines   now   being   imposed   at   the   buyer   and   consumer   level. A&L    Canada    has    proactively    moved    to    assist    the    on    farm    implementation    of    HACCP.    Our microbiology   department,   in   conjunction   with   a   team   of   microbiologists   and   food   science   specialists, assist   customers   with   their   concerns.As   federal   and   provincial   governments   develop   new   standards and   implement   food   safety   guidelines   for   the   agricultural   producing   sector, A&L   Canada’s   food   safety expertise will be there to help. Food Safety Analysis o Anaerobic Count o Clostridium perfringens o Coliforms o E. coli o E. coli 0157:H7 o Fecal Coliform o Fecal Streptococci o Listeria monocytogenes o Listeria spp. o Salmonella spp. o Standard (Total) Plate Count o Yeast & Mould Submission Form Link/Info: View and/or print the submission form for this test package (PDF file). Or Contact Us  
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